Feb 21 2015 North Scottsdale Photo Run 3:30pm

Hello DZA Members!
It’s photo time!  The latest photo shoot run; where you can get a picture of your car with great Arizona sights and other DZA club members!

Lost Dog Wash Trailhead, Head north on 124th St from Via Linda till trailhead at North end -meet at 3:30pm.  This is our first stop where we’ll have a chance to do a group photo which will take place at 3:45pm. As you enter, you’ll see a parking lot on the left with a small metal cantilever. We’ll park on the south side of that and get McDowell Mountain in the background. Check out the visitor center while you’re here. It was designed by Weddle Gilmore and nestles beautifully into the terrain. It features rammed earth, solar energy and grey water for low environment impact.
Arabian Library – 10215 E McDowell Mtn Ranch Rd. This is a great building out of Corten designed by Richard + Bauer for our second stop. This will be a one at a time stop because it will require going against traffic in the small left parking lot to park on the southwest corner just past the book drop. You’ll be able to contrast the rust and angular shape of the building against the curves of the Z.
Gateway McDowell Visitor Center 18333 N Thompson Peak Parkway – A great single car shot can be had here right up near the visitor center. You’ll be able to get a more close up pic of your car with the mountains in the background.
City Center near Desert Ridge 5315 East High Street #111 Phoenix. You’ll want to be coming in off 56th(east side) as you enter city center. In the evening they turn on lights draped across the street and it’s very magical. There are places to stop just before the stop signs and we’ll use that to pause and take our quick single shots. If we can, we’ll also do a small group photo.

After, anyone who would like to can go for a beverage/food at any of the great restaurants in the area.

Please remember to be patient and courteous with anyone we meet as these are public sites and we will be stopping for a moment in sometimes unusual places. Remember to fully charge your camera and we looking forward to seeing you on this run!

Group shot tip:  A great idea would be to do group shots by car type or car color.
Car photo tips: http://jalopnik.com/the-ten-best-tips-for-taking-a-perfect-car-photo-1466653688

Date/Time:  Feb 21st – 3:30 PM Meet Up
Start Run at 3:45pm sharp

Location: Lost Dog Wash Trailhead

Please RSVP to desertzassociation@yahoo.com

Z you there!