Feb 22 2014 Photo Run

Hello DZA Members!
It’s officially here!  The latest photo shoot run; where you can get a picture of your car with great Arizona sights and other DZA club members!

Bosa Donuts, meet at 8am.  We will leave at 8:25am for our first stop
Arizona Falls – This is a great site everyone always means to stop at but never does.  It showcases how hydroelectric power is acquired from the Arizona Canal.  This will be a single car shot.  The best one is right in front of the circular drum at the entrance.  We will have to rotate turns in front and waiting in the parking lot. Then a 19 minute drive to the…
Audubon Center – Named after Nina Mason Pulliam, a humanitarian and journalist, who’s love for Arizona and it’s wildlife allowed for a Trust that enabled the construction of this center.  It was designed by Weddle Gilmore Architects well known for their public facility design.  A great chance for group shots with a backdrop of the Center or the floating pergolas on the circle drive.  Then a quick 10 min drive to the…
South Mountain Community College Performing Art Center – This 8 time award winning architecture by the jones studio, is a great site to behold.  The louvered steel facade shades the building during the day and creates an intriguing play of light on the inside.  We can get a great group shot in front in the drop off area.  You can also get a quick single car shot in front of the amazing library by Richärd+Bauer.  After that, we’ll travel along Southern eastbound heading to Mill Ave.  At the SE corner here, we’ll stop at Burger King for a quick break, if needed. We’ll be taking this 15 minute ride to…
Gammage – Designed by world famous Frank Lloyd Wright.  We should be able to enter off S Forest Avenue that runs N off of Apache Blvd.  This will have is pointing westward which should be a great backdrop for the colonnade and the decorative walkway  Another group shot would be great.  If we’re still good on time, we’ll take a final 10 min ride to the…
Tempe Center for the Arts – We’ll be getting a little different shot on the lake here.  There’s an almost imperceptible drop off drive in front of the building on the west side.  This would be a great spot to get a piece of the building plus the pedestrian walkway over the lake behind you if you are facing southwesterly.

This will give you a great variety of locales for you to get shots in with as much early daylight as we can get.  Please remember to be patient and courteous with anyone we meet as these are public sites and we will be stopping for a moment in sometimes unusual places. Remember to fully charge your camera and we looking forward to seeing you on this run!
Group shot tip:  A great idea would be to do group shots by car type or car color.
Car photo tips: http://jalopnik.com/the-ten-best-tips-for-taking-a-perfect-car-photo-1466653688
Long read, but great tips: http://www.cobracountry.com/fototips/

Date/Time:  Feb 22nd – 8:00 AM Meet Up
Start Run at 8:25am sharp

Location: Bosa Donuts
3722 East Indian School Road
Phoenix, AZ 85018

Overall Map with Stops:  http://goo.gl/maps/DCEAd
Map Bosa to Falls: http://goo.gl/maps/BuZNq
Map Falls to Audubon: http://goo.gl/maps/f3aWT
Aud. To SMCC: http://goo.gl/maps/XjXiW
SMCC to Gammage: http://goo.gl/maps/000JF
Gammage to Tempe Center: http://goo.gl/maps/UbpcO

Please RSVP to desertzassociation@yahoo.com