• Plan to meet at I-17 and Carefree Highway at McDonald’s, which is just east of the I-17 and on the north side of the road between 8 – 8:15 am.  Address is 3120 W Carefree Highway, Phoenix, AZ  85086.

General timing to leave I-17/Carefree will be by 8:30 a.m. to arrive in Prescott (the Bonn Fire restaurant) by 11:15  or so.  No only do we get to Prescott in a timely manner, but we beat the heat just a bit in the earlier a.m. hours.

  • We will drive west on Carefree Highway to Highway 60 and head north/northwest to Wickenburg, then take Route 89 north from Wickenburg into Prescott.
  • The run will be approximately 100 miles (one way) and take about 2-2.5 hours.
  • Lunch reservations have been made at Bonn-Fire Restaurant, which is on Route 89 prior to entering the heart of Prescott where the other weekend activities are happening.  That way, we miss traffic and can turn around and go home, or drive through the city and take route 69 east and head back down the I-17 to come home.  OR, you can stay in Prescott and spend your money at any number of wonderful hot spots and sight-see.

Here is a map of the route from Carefree/I-17 to Prescott:  http://classic.mapquest.com/mq/2-yqgRd0Pm

And, to wet your whistle, here is the link to the restaurant:  http://www.bonn-fire.com/index.html

I sure hope that you can make the run.  I know it’s hot, but that’s we why we chose to live in the “valley of the oven” and I think we’ll have fun.  Besides, blueberry pie is the pie of the month at Bonn-Fire (and I’ll be working up an appetite for it over the next few weeks)!!!

Feel free to give me a call @ 623.215.4413 is you’d like to chat about it, and RSVP to desertzassociation@yahoo.com if you plan to attend.