Instruction for uploading your pictures to Flickr

If you would like your car featured on our Members Rides page, you will need to first upload your pictures to Flickr.  Click Here, to watch a video on how to setup a Flickr account.

After you have uploaded your pictures to Flickr, you will need to tag the photos you’d like to appear on the page with “DZA member ride”.   You do this by clicking on any photo and seeing it large.  Scroll down and click on add tags. Type: “DZA member ride” in the box.  You must use quotations and the exact phrase.  Please tag no more than 4 photos.  Also, under additional info – select Viewing this Photo – Public  See picture below

Flickr 3

Last we need you to email us your Flickr ID (not your Flickr login ID).  The easiest way to find your Flickr ID is to click on Photostream.  Your Flickr ID is located at the end of the URL in the address bar.  See picture below.  Copy and paste the numbers in an email to DZA.

Flickr ID 4