Friends of Mr. K. Fun Run

Mark your calendars.
Presidents Weekend (Friday, February 17 – Monday, February 20, 2017)
Invited by Kenny Ueda

Looking at The Aquarius Casino Resort as our gathering spot. (Rooms @ $82/night, refrigerator, wi-fi)
1900 S. Casino Dr., Laughlin, NV 89029
Reserve your Rooms: Aquarius Casino Resort
Maps & Directions

Saturday will be most folks arrival day so we’ll keep this day open. Maybe we’ll just fly a kite while we wait for others to arrive. We’ll for sure have dinner together if at all possible. Some folks might want to see the Pyrotechnics show in Lake Havasu. It’s just 1.5 hours one way.
28th Annual Western Winter Blast Pyrotechnics Show

Laughlin – Lake Havasu (1hr. 24 min., 72 miles)
The Ace Hardware Store at Sweetwater Ave. & Candlewood Dr. has a nice size parking lot with a pretty good view. Exit Hwy 95 at Oro Grande Blvd. Make a right then an immediate left onto Sweetwater Ave.

Sunday will be our usual road trip day. This time we’ll head north from Laughlin to Seligman, AZ. We’ll stop at the Chevron station first then head on over to the Road Kill Cafe for a picture or two. Then on to the Hackberry General Store for some more picture taking. Don’t forget to check out the Grand Canyon to the right as we near Peach Springs. From Hackbery we’ll head on over to the Route 66 Museum. We can visit the museum and have lunch across the street at Mr. D’s Diner. We’ll head on over to Oatman and hang out for an hour and then it’s back to Laughlin for dinner.

(Don’t forget your Route 66 Passports. More information is available here:

Laughlin – Seligman (1 hr. 49 min., 107 miles)
We will head north out of Laughlin on Casino Dr.
Turn Right onto 1NV 163
Continue onto AZ 95
Turn Left onto AZ 68 E
Take the US 93 S ramp to Kingman
Turn Left onto I40
Take exit 123
Meet up at the Chevron Station.
Here is where we start on Route 66!
Seligman, Road Kill Café (12 min., 13 miles)
We can stop to take a picture and look around for a few minutes.
Grand Canyon Caverns (15 min., 14 miles)
No stop but take a picture while passing.
Peach Springs (13 min., 13 miles)
Just outside of Peach Springs, make sure you look to your right to get a picture of the Grand Canyon.
Hackberry General Store (23 min., 22 miles)
We’ll stop for some pictures and to look around.
Route 66 Museum (31 min., 29 miles)
We’ll stop for lunch and visit the museum. Mr. D’s Diner is just across the street.
Oatman (48 min., 28 miles)
We’ll take a short break so folks can look around and stretch their legs.
Laughlin (45 min., 31 miles)
Continue on Route 66/Oatman Rd.
Continue onto Boundary Cone Rd.
Turn Right onto AZ-95 N
Turn Right onto Bullhead Pkwy.
Continue onto AZ-95 N
Continue onto NV-163 W
Turn Left onto Casino Dr.

We hope to be able to have dinner with as many friends as possible.

Reservations need to be made on website for this rate much more if you call.

Invited by Kenny Ueda

Reserve your Rooms: Aquarius Casino Resort
Maps & Directions
Weekend Freeway Travel Advisory
Z you there!